• "Attention!" (2018, 7.00)

                    For Baritone Voice, Bass Clarinet, Trumpet in C, and Trombone. Written for Loadbang. 

  • "Eeeee," (2018, 12.00) 

                    For Piano and Electronic musician. Written for Edward Forstman. audio

  • "©?" (2017, 10.00) 

                    For Saxophone Quartet and Electronics. Written for ~Nois quartet's spring 2018 tour/NASA 2018 conference. audio

  • "Over It" (2017, 6.00)

                    For Pierrot Sextet. Written for Atlantic Music Festival 2017. audio

  • "There's Something New Around You" (2016, 7.00)

                     For Alto Flute, Viola, and Piano. Written for a workshop at the Manhattan School of Music Composition Forum.

  • "Duo" (2016, 4:30)

                    For Violin and Cello. Premiered by Lena Vidulich and Isidora Nojkovic at The Manhattan School of Music

                    in November of 2016

  • "sereNOT" (2015, 18.00.)

                    For Soprano Saxophone and two Percussionists. 

                    Commissioned by a consortium of saxophonists, headed by Novus New Music and Connor Mikula. 

                    Consortium members: Connor Mikula, Jordan Lulloff, Jeffrey Leung.

                    Recorded by Blue Griffin Records audio

  • "Eradicate" (2014, 10.00)

For Bassoon, Oboe and Piano. 

  • "Don't Worry About It" (2014, 6:00)

For Tuba-Euphonium Octet. Commissioned by the Michigan State University Tuba-Euphonium Choir. Phillip Sinder, Conductor.

  • "3 Duets for Trombone and Euphonium" (2014, 7:30) 

For Trombone and Euphonium, commissioned by Caleb Crouch and Aaron Wright.

audio - Aaron Wright - Trombone, Caleb Crouch - Euphonium

video - Aaron Wright - Trombone, Caleb Crouch - Euphonium

  • "Why Not?" (2013, 8:00)

For Saxophone Quartet. Runner up in Donald Sinta Saxophone Quartet's 1st composition competition (2013).

audioDonald Sinta Quartet

video - Aurum Quartet

  • "Night Hopper" (2012, 8:00)

For Bb Clarinet and Vibraphone.

  • "Dirty Dancing" (2011, 5:00)

For large chamber ensemble. Premiered by Neo- Collective new music ensemble, a now defunct group co-founded by the composer at Michigan State University.